Goal One

          Encourage congregations to pass a motion in their business meeting and forward it to their Mission Conference administrator in time for it

          to be included in next agenda of the Mission Conference business meetings. (This motions could be the same as the motion(s) stated in the

          Advocate Dialogue Centre)

Goal Two

Provide information focused on dialogues of importance in the CEM and beyond.

Goal Three

The end result of the dialogue will be a motion that individuals in “legally” organized congregations, missions and national church forums of the Community of Christ will be able to discuss and process in “legally” established business meetings or forums.

Whereas the background information that informs this motion is extensive, complex and controversial this web page that has been developed with several distinct sections

a) an open forum for anyone interested in expressing their opinion in writing or preparing a background essay focused on bringing information to the dialogue

b) a source of information for anyone wishing to make an informed vote at any of the business conferences at a congregation, mission or national level

c) dialogue contributions that will be filtered in order to ensure that points do not become repetitive and in order to preserve a positive overall decorum.